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Cycling in Wishaw

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A couple of urban bollards looking out of place at this woodland path junction.

The route to Dullatur leaves the path alongside the railway line.

Before long the asphalt ends and the path alongside the railway line gets hillier.

A newly surfaced section of path alongside the railway at Croy, forming part of route 5 of the Cumbernauld Cycle Network.

A newly surfaced section of path forming the Cumbernauld Cycle Network's route 5 away from Croy station.

Some fairly new wheel-twisting cycle parking in the West Park in Cumbernauld Village.

The B802 carriageway isn't quite wide enough for the traffic using it. The dirty footway is covered in a mix of bike and HGV tyre tracks.

The main road from Auchinstarry to Croy has a continuous footway, but heavy motor traffic.

Route 1 from Auchinstarry to Croy and Cumbernauld starts with a gate.

The northern end of the Cumbernauld Cycle Network's route 1 at Auchinstarry.

Another ambiguous route sign, and if it wasn't for the 'End of Route' sign being visible at the top of the ramp, it would appear the route continued through the car park.

An ambiguous route sign that doesn't make it clear whether route 1 is up the hill or through the car park.

The path alongside the canal is muddy in places, and is obstructed by a gate.

The path reaches the Forth & Clyde Canal, and turns towards Auchinstarry.

The asphalt gives way to this loose rocky surface on the slope down towards Nether Croy.

So if you are following the cycle route to Auchinstarry, you need to ignore this sign for Auchinstarry, since it is for walkers only.

Most of the Cumbernauld Cycle Network has an asphalt surface, but not the section between Croy and Auchinstarry. The cage at this barrier has a muddy puddle at the bottom.

The route of the Cumbernauld Cycle Network's route 1 through Croy is on-road, but goes off-road to get to Auchinstarry, crossing the Antonine Wall.

Traffic-calming by chicane in Croy on Cumbernauld Cycle Route 1.

Broken sign for as yet unbuilt road (see #79938) at Calderwood Village development.

Incorrect signage on shared footway at Calderwood Village development, and top surface missing. The direction sign for Chapelhall and Airdrie in the background is somewhat premature!

An 'End of Cycle Route' sign on the shared use footway at Calderwood Village development.

Incorrect shared footway signage at Calderwood Village development.

Lots of cycle parking outside the entrance to the Ravenscraig Leisure Centre, but all of the bikes were from our group! Unfortunately, the gate in the background is chained shut, so to enter, one must detour via the main car park entranc ... [more]

A short dead-end cycle track at a roundabout, that could easily continue on to the New Lanarkshire College in the background.

On "Clean For The Queen" weekend, plenty of litter on the Greenlink path, next to a primary school.

The only way to get a bike through this ridiculous barrier is to go across the grass. And if North Lanarkshire Council thinks they stop motorbikes, they don't. There were several people on riding around on trailbikes in this locality tha ... [more]


Sustrans milepost

Wildflower sowing carried out and maintained by Sustrans volunteers

A route sign for Cumbernauld's cycle route 1f nearing Dalshannon.

Barriers block the start of the path on the far side of Airdrie Road from Myvot Avenue, despite this being signed as part of the 1f cycle route.

A narrow path made narrower by the lighting columns being planted in the path. This is a signed cycle path.

Incorrect route sign at junction between Cumbernauld cycle routes 1e and 1f. 1e goes to Condorrat East to the right, 1f to Condorrat West (and Dalshannon) to the left.

Route signs that have been twisted around so they are not facing on-coming users. Routes 1 and 1b part company here.

A route sign for cycle route 1. No mention of routes 1a or 1b that we saw back at #70711. Have we missed the turnoff?

Welcome to Cumbernauld! Some of the route signs have been twisted round a bit, so it is not obvious which route they point to at the crossroads of paths. Routes 1a and 1b are signed from here, but do not reappear on the signs until they bra ... [more]

The cycle route goes past some back doors to get to St Mungo's church.

Routes 1 and 3 continue together through the Cumbernauld town centre car parks.

Once across the footbridge from the car park, it's back onto the Cumbernauld path network, but this sign seems a bit confused. According to the council map I have, route 1 to Croy and route 3 to Ravenswood is left, route 3 to Cumbernauld Gl ... [more]

The footway goes around the edge of the car park, but it is easier to cut across the empty space to get to the Linkbridge lobby. Just watch the sloping kerbs.

The cycle route appears to be signed along the narrow footway around the outside of the rooftop car park, but there seemed to be no good reason not to cut across the half empty space rather than annoy the people outside the pub.

Once over the Linkbridge, the cycle route goes through a lobby. You need to slow right down for the automatic doors.

The lift at the end of the Linkbridge over Central Way. Not a convenient route for a group ride!

The cycle route goes into a lift to get up to the Linkbridge across Central Way.

Route sign for routes 1 and 3. Route crosses road at the crossing on the left, then goes around the end of the car park to the right before going back across to the left to join the path down the hill behind the lamppost next to the crossin ... [more]

Nearly there! The path nears Cumbernauld town centre.

Grade-separated paths!

The step-free path to Cumbernauld town centre.

Barriers across the path. The steps up ahead have a ramp around them, but the route via the Carbrain Gully to the right is a more attractive route for cycling, and they both lead to the town centre.

Cumbernauld's cycle route 1 crosses the road here, but the dropped kerbs are not opposite each other.

Route sign for cycle route 1 directing cyclists down the complex ramp at the railway station (which has 'Cyclists Dismount' signs here and at #67691), and the starting sign for routes 1e and 1f. It may be better to start the route outside t ... [more]

Sign for cycle route 1 at the new bridge over the railway. The path on the right goes to one of the platforms at Cumbernauld Station.

Route signs for route 1 up the hill to Palacerigg Country Park.

The route sign for the turn into Kelvin Road North is positioned on the far side of the triangular junction, so cannot be seen properly until it is too late to turn. It also says Cumbernauld Station is 1 3/4 miles away, when it is nearer 1/ ... [more]

No evidence that this footway is also a cycleway, but reasonably wide and able to handle the likely foot and cycle traffic. The dropped kerbs looked like recent installations.

Cycle route 1c emerges from the underpasses onto Lenziemill Road. But without any further evidence that the footway is also a cycleway.

A 'Cyclists Dismount' sign on Cumbernauld's cycle route 2 at a railway bridge, matching the similar sign in #67680 for the opposite direction.

Route 2 in Kildrum, heading down to the footbridge at #67683.

Route 2 in Kildrum.

Route 2 in Kildrum.

Route 2 in Kildrum.

Route 1 takes the path from the industrial estate towards the railway station.

Poor transition between path and roadway, and the footway has a completely superfluous step.

Route 3a on Tarbolton Road.

The junction of routes 2 and 3a.

Route 2 crosses the main carriageway of Lye Brae on a footbridge, but goes under a sliproad. The footbridge has both a ramp and steps at this end (level with ground at other end). [The concrete sculpture next to the steps can be seen to ... [more]

Route 2 passes beneath Lye Brae sliproad, then over the main carriageway.

Underpass on route 2.

Route 2 goes down ramp from Asda car park and across the goods entrance. There are chicane barriers across the next section of path, visible on the far side of the crossing.

Ramp and stairs down to underpass beneath North Carbrain Road, linking to a residential area.

Route 2 forks left here, not right.

Route 2 continues past the town centre.

Route signs all pointing 90 degrees away from the correct direction for each.

Damaged route sign pointing slightly downwards in Cumbernauld town centre. [In this photo the signs point in different directions.]

Route 1b crosses Balloch Road at the bus stop, where there is a central island.

Cumbernauld's cycle route 1 uses the bypass ramp to get around the steps to the underpass beneath North Carbrain Road.

Some cycle parking outside Cumbernauld College.

Having negotiated the edge of the Tesco car park, route 2 heads through the pedestrian plaza.

Cycle parking at Tesco in the centre of Cumbernauld.

A 'Cyclists Dismount' sign for a (non-Toucan) pedestrian crossing on Cumbernauld's cycle route 2, and then the route continues along a narrow footway around the perimeter of the Tesco car park.

A 'Cyclists Dismount' sign at the Jane's Brae footbridge.

A 'Cyclists Dismount' sign at the footbridge over Jane's Brae.

A 'turn left' sign for this location where the route turns right then swings around to the left, up ramp onto footbridge over North Carbrain Road.

Steep slope out of underpass beneath Greenfaulds Road.

Route sign hidden in tree.

Sign says route 2 forks right here. Now possibly it means cross the footbridge and back through the underpass in #70416, but forking left leads there directly.

This seems to be the junction between Cumbernauld's cycle routes 2 and 3. Destinations for route 3, but not for route 2, and double-sided signs for both at T-junction.

By 'fork left' do they mean turn left and cross under the dual carriageway only to cross back at #70418, or go straight ahead?

The start of the climb on the A73 footbridge.

The climb to the A73 footbridge.

The junction signs for Cumbernauld's cycle routes 2 and 1e, with 1e seen going straight ahead.

The junction of Cumbernauld's cycle routes 2 and 1e, and these signs do have destinations. The sign for the turn where route 2 goes across the A73 footbridge can be seen in the distance.

It doesn't say, but this seems like a good location to transfer onto the carriageway.

Cumbernauld's cycle route 2 passing a bus stop on the Condorrat Ring Road.

A Cyclists Dismount sign at the footbridge over the Condorrat Ring Road. This side of the footbridge has a ramp and steps, the other side is at ground level (see #70318).

Cumbernauld's cycle route 2 continues onto the footbridge across the Condorrat Ring Road. There is also a marker post with a blue arrow.

Another route sign for Cumbernauld's cycle route 2, plus some barriers where the path crosses the access road to a small car park.

Route sign for Cumbernauld's cycle route 2 in Condorrat. The next section of path is right in front of some houses.

Route sign for Cumbernauld's cycle route 2 on the Condorrat Ring Road.

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