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Cycling in Wishaw

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An 'End of Route' sign, presumably for Cumbernauld cycle route 2, and signs with destinations facing across the road and towards a hedge for going towards the town centre. The Cumbernauld to Glasgow cycle route continues along the main r ... [more]

Route signs on the far side of the junction, not really visible on the approach when turning decision needs to be made on a main road. The sign for route 4 is only visible for someone coming from the Condorrat Ring Road, not from Mollins ... [more]

Spot the route sign for Cumbernauld cycle route 2. This section of route is on-road, unlike most of the Cumbernauld cycle network, and on a 40mph road at that!

The path parallel to North Road is part of Cumbernauld cycle route 4. No priority at side road crossing.

The path alongside North Road has been designated part of Cumbernauld cycle route 4.

The reverse of #70290, in the centre of the Craiglinn Interchange roundabout.

A total mess! It appears that all 6 signs for this triangular junction at Craiglinn Interchange have been put on the one pole, at one corner of the junction, and the signs have been twisted around to point in random directions. (Reverse see ... [more]

Some signs twisted around pole (square poles could have been used to prevent this). Destinations could aid users in deciding between route numbers on a network which has pretty minimal publicity besides the signs themselves.

Does 'fork right' mean take path or road straight ahead? Route 4 to Croy should be 'turn left'. No dropped kerb for anyone who has cycled on the road but now wishes to take the path to follow the cycle route or just simply to avoid the r ... [more]

Route sign with destinations. No indication as to whether cycle route is on road or footway. No shared-use signs.

A route sign for Cumbernauld's 4a cycle route.

Not the best-sited litter bin on the path around Broadwood Stadium. Cycle parking for the leisure centre in at the right. New path from Blackwood coming in on the left.

The path around the stadium to the leisure centre and tennis courts.

A 'Try Cycling' event at Broadwood Stadium, and the new BMX track on the left.

Boardwalk and standing stones, next to Broadwood Loch.

Path around Broadwood Loch, at the 500m marker stone.

Path around Broadwood Loch.

A flight of steps that could be replaced by a ramp on triangular path junction. Funded by the National Lottery apparently.

A short flight of steps on path from Broadwood Loch which could be ramped using the space available.

A footpath in Cumbernauld that seems to have been forgotten about!

The path and track alongside the M80 motorway stop dead at a locked gate. Only the motorway carries on.

The path and track run together alongside the M80 motorway in the direction of Westfield.

The path meets a track near Stoneyetts.

A mysterious path next to the M80 motorway at Stoneyetts.

New bridge for Strathkelvin Railway Path over M80 motorway, but path is not straight.

Path from A80 Cumbernauld Road down to Strathkelvin Railway Path Very muddy in the Winter

Path up to Cumbernauld Road Looking South. If aren't determined to go to the very end, this is a good place to exit. A little path on the right takes you up to Cumbernauld Rd. Shops and cafes nearby in Muirhead. But path gets extremely m ... [more]

It's race day at my favourite track! @nlleisure @PurpleRockSport @GTBicycles #bmx #cumbernauldcenturions I?BMX

The cycle path takes a messy route around the bus stop and footbridge.

The start of the cycle path on the left. No sign that it is a cycle path, nor that it has been assigned not just one but two route numbers! And not a single sign along its length to say where it goes.

The cycle lane turns left. You MUST Park and Ride!

Part of South Carbrain Road has cycle lanes. The other parts don't. And some drivers drive too fast. Plus there's the big roundabout up ahead at #67682.

Does cycle route 1 head up here? [It does, see #70623.] No other cycle signs about. Not knowing where it went, I gave up following the route and continued on elsewhere.

Cumbernauld's cycle route 1 turns right here, at Cumbernauld railway station. No destination named for either direction. The roadway is one way.

An underpass beneath South Carbrain Road, part of Cumbernauld's cycle route 1, and leading to Cumbernauld railway station, plus a sign about step-free access pointing to a road crossing. Note pedestrian walking along road with no footway.

Signage for Cumbernauld's cycle route 1, and walking information for the town centre.

Another Cyclists Dismount sign at a footbridge.

The elevated walkway in front of the flats crosses an intermediate side road by way of a footbridge, with a Cyclists Dismount sign.

Elevated walkway in front of flats, connected to footbridges at each end.

Unusual double-humped footbridge across Lye Brae dual carriageway.

A nice smooth curve in the junction at the end of the footbridge, but no signs for cycle route 2. [It goes straight ahead, to #70616.]

A large roundabout at the intersection of Lye Brae, Kildrum Road and South Carbrain Road. The latter two have painted cycle lanes, which can be seen recommencing in the background.

Painted cycle lanes on Kildrum Road, seen from a footbridge. Behind the camera is a large roundabout and a 50mph zone (see #67682).

The junction of Cumbernauld's 2 and 1c cycle routes.

Route signs for Cumbernauld cycle routes 2, 2a and 2c.

Route signs for Cumbernauld cycle routes 2, 2a and 2c, but no mention of the right fork.

Route sign for Cumbernauld's cycle route 2.

Signs for Cumbernauld's cycle route 2. I'm not sure which way they are meant to be facing.

Footbridge over Blackthorn Road, on Cumbernauld's cycle route 2.

Four wheel-twister stands outside the Palacerigg Country Park visitors' centre, the only cycle parking at this location.

While a rack of 5 stands is better than the parking rail that was there before (see #30517), it's only so much use when more than 10 people on bikes turn up at the same time!

Croy 1 mile, Rome 1555 miles. A sign in Cumbernauld Community Park.

Path access control barriers that seem to be intended for restricting access to unlawful vehicles or bikes but severely restrict bike access. The location is at the entrance to a large Countryside Park.

Path access control barriers that seem to be intended for restricting access to unlawful vehicles or bikes but severely restrict bike access.

A useful shortcut to Airdrie town centre, with just Graham Street to brave!

Marker post and path. No dropped kerb either.

Route sign at Calderbank

Welcome to Calderbank!

Another kissing gate, at road crossing

Path/track in need of a bit of attention!

Path from Chapelhall. The path is actually surfaced around the end of the barrier!

Entrance to Chapelhall

Looking along McNeil Drive at Centralpoint entrance

McNeil Drive in Eurocentral

Barriers on path to bridge across North Calder Water to Calderbank

New bridge across North Calder Water at Calderbank

On the left the path along former railway embankment to Eurocentral, on the right steps to bridge across North Calder Water to Calderbank.

Rebuilt shallow steps, with wheeling ramp, on path from Calderbank to Eurocentral

Path along former railway embankment, with dip then steep slope to scramble down to get to woodlands track. Hopefully this stretch will be improved shortly.

Small kissing gate on path to Eurocentral, a marginal improvement on the wooden gate wired shut with a "Keep Out" sign that used to be here.

Van parked on shared-use cycleway path over A8 bridge

Overhanging vegetation narrowing path on ramp down from A8 bridge across from Eurocentral

Road crossing at Eurocentral A8 eastbound off-slip, with both Cyclists Dismount signs facing the same way.

Cyclists Dismount signs at road crossing, at Eurocentral A8 westbound on-slip

NCN75 turns left, but should cyclists use the A73's busy carriageway or cross over to the footway? See also #51043.

NCN 75 turns right onto the path beyond the lamppost with the "Cycle Track Look Right" sign. Is the cycle route on the A73 carriageway or the footway? See also #51044.

Traffic calming by chicane on NCN 75 in Airdrie

The 20mph sign is flashing but motorists are still driving fast enough to set off the electronic 30mph "Slow Down" sign!

Mid-block kissing gate

Steps at end of path from Calderbank

Steps and path to Calderbank

Path junction

Kissing gate on North Calder Heritage Trail. There's steps on this path nearby too so maybe of little use to cyclists anyway.

Short tunnel beneath B802, with lots of broken glass on the path surface

Steps on North Calder Heritage Trail, where the path drops down to river level to pass beneath B802

Robust route confirmation marker on the North Calder Heritage Trail, at a point where the path is more grass than path.

Path junction at bridge over North Calder Water

Narrow path, but adequate for this quiet leisure route. There's a steep climb away from the river ahead.

Path barriers near road crossing

The dropped kerbs have been positioned away from the path entrances, and require users to cross the road diagonally, making some awkward turns on the narrow footways.

Access barriers on approach to road crossing.

Narrow path to Calderbank, with lots of impinging vegetation. The barb wire of the fence is broken in some places and has been known to be found on the path surface.

Poor quality path and circumvented access barrier on way to Calderbank

Rebuilt path in Airdrie, that connects with NCN 75. The chicane barriers have been installed since there is a problem with motorbikes being ridden along here, although they are easy enough to get around.

Some cycle parking stands at the Maxim Business Park. I didn't attempt to find out whether they are for locking wheels or frames to. They are also rather close to the kerb.

There are no cycle parking stands in the pedestrian precinct or nearby road, so this bike has ended up locked to a bin, and is a bit in the way! However, there's plenty of car parking.

Cycle parking at Tesco supermarket. The nearby Morrison's didn't have any!

Uncontrolled road crossing on path between Airdrie and Calderbank, with non-standard warning sign. This is a National Speed Limit zone.

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